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Pushing product development boundaries for more than thirty years, TM Designworks is the uncontested leader in chain ‘slide-n-guide’ technology for enduro motorcycles.

Tim McGarry, the ‘TM’ in TM Designworks, became prominent in the 1970’s with his custom manufactured two-stroke exhausts before setting sight on revolutionising motorcycle chain sliders and chain guides.

TM Designworks is an original equipment manufacturer for Sherco enduro motorcycles.

The TM Designworks Chain Guide is the choice of factory Sherco teams the world over. Manufactured from a proprietary plastic formula, the guide provides impact protection and consistent chain tension for your Sherco enduro motorcycle.

TM Designworks chain guides for Sherco enduro motorcycles make use of an advanced impact return memory technology within their plastic construction. If the chain guard is impacted, it will return to its original shape also returning your chain to its original line.

Proudly made in the USA, TM Designworks are widely respected by enduro riders for their ability to innovate, not imitate.

Proprietary technologies, original designs and advanced materials combine to make TM Designworks products the choice of weekend warriors, factory race teams and championship winning riders around the world.