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With more than one-hundred world title victories, BRAKING are the undisputed leaders in race-proven motorcycle brake discs.

Trusted by the world’s most respected teams and riders, BRAKING is constantly striving to deliver the ultimate performance for enduro braking applications.

BRAKING is an original equipment manufacturer for Sherco enduro motorcycles and its patented engineering is used in Sherco front and rear disc brake rotors.

BRAKING’s BATFLY technology uses alternate grooves on the rotor surface to create a self-ventilation mechanism allowing the rotor to remain cooler and free of debris.

BRAKING’s WAVE profile uses a non-round design for the outer and inner diameter of the rotor to support better radial expansion under extreme heat conditions.

The BRAKING Front Caliper Bracket enables the use of oversize BRAKING front brake disc rotors on Sherco enduro motorcycles.