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2916 - Chain Guide End. 250/450 racing

Manufactured from a proprietary plastic formula, the AXP Chain Guide provides superior impact protection to keep your chain in line.
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Constructed from 30mm thick sheets of HDPE plastic, the AXP Nylon Chain Guide is as strong as they come. Its clever design allows installation without separating the chain.
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While you blast across bush terrain and leap logs, your Sherco’s chain is going through hell. A Chain Guide works to keep your chain running on its sprockets with the correct tension.

Consisting of an outer shell and one or more inner wear pads, your Sherco’s Chain Guide is attached to the underside of the swingarm. The chain travels between the inner wear pads, with the pads working as a guide to keep the chain aligned.

The outer shell of the Chain Guide is capable of deflecting debris away from the chain and sprocket which could cause a breakage or derailment.

When it comes to upgrading the Chain Guide on your Sherco, we’ve got all the bases covered. Our parts catalogue makes it a simple task to figure out which Chain Guides fit your Sherco. We stock replacement and upgraded Chain Guides from leading brands like AXP Racing and TM Designworks.

With an innovate design that allows for installation without separating the chain, the AXP Racing Chain Guide makes switching out your existing guide as easy as possible.

The TM Designworks Chain Guide is like the Wade Young of chain protection, delivering smooth performance in the most extreme conditions. Its construction from a proprietary plastic formula allows for superior impact protection.

A Chain Guide is an often little thought of, yet extremely important component on any Sherco Enduro bike. Reduce the risk of chain derailment and fit a new Sherco Chain Guide now.